Mobile Phone Photography for Teens

Compiled by professional tutors with many years experience teaching photography to teenagers. Over 1000 online students taught.

What The Course Includes

  • Introduction to Mobile Phone Photography

  • weekly photography tuition modules, (5 video tutorials , written tutorials, assignments & quiz for each module)

  • Final certification on completion

  • Closed Facebook discussion group

  • Email & Telephone Support

  • Lifetime access

  • Loads of resources to keep

Photography Skills Taught

  • The importance of light and how to use it creatively

  • Creative composition and framing

  • Perspective photography

  • How to use focus & zoom

  • Taking fun self portraits

  • How to use flash/no flash creatively

  • How to edit your photographs on your phone

How the Course Works

  • Enrol on the course (fill in a few details)

  • We advise taking a week on each assignment, however, the course can be taken at your chosen speed, though we wouldn’t advise more than 3 modules per week

  • Contact us with any questions via the closed facebook group or email

Additional Information

  • Our online photography courses for kids and teens are designed to unleash their creativity.

  • Students will learn about photography composition, using their phone camera settings and most importantly, how to simply take a great shot!

  • Sharp Shots have held photography workshops for kids and teens in the UK for over 6 years to thousands of students.

  • Our Online photography courses for teens have been created by professional photography tutors with the creative teenager in mind.


“Emily has really enjoyed the course - and we’ve been super impressed with what Emily has accomplished... The way the course is structured is superb, really focused & clear - thank you!” - Michelle

“Molly really enjoyed the course and had great fun coming up with ideas each week and then executing them. I'm really proud of her for her efforts and she has produced some really lovely photographs. I think she will have a lifelong passion for photography as a result.” - Andrew

He liked how the session was structured and felt that everything had been explained much more clearly than anything I had managed before!! And thanks for helping him further develop his interest in and understanding of photography... I feel the assignments encouraged him to appreciate more of what's around him and see things in a different light” - Solon

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