Capturing Colour Photography Workshop for Teens

Sat 20th March 2021 | 10.30-13.00

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Colour Photography Course information

Colour is everywhere, and we will teach our students how to capture it creatively in today’s webinar. Students will learn how their camera works, and how to use the different camera settings to fill their frames with colour. Focus and aperture will be introduced, helping our students to learn how to use depth of field creatively in their photographs, isolating the colours. Shutter speeds will also be discussed, as we will show our students how to use fast and slow speeds to capture colour creatively.  This webinar is packed with interactive tasks that will allow the student to go out and test their new knowledge in their home or garden during the webinar itself. For the last hour of the webinar, students will be able to then share their images with the tutor for active feedback.

Course Outline:

  • Join the live webinar

  • Learn how your camera works through tuition with your tutor & fun interactive 5 minute tasks in your home and/or garden

  • Spend 30 minutes outside taking photographs with your list of tasks

  • Upload your photos to the computer for live group feedback in the webinar

How the Course Works

  • Enrol on the course (fill in a few details)

  • Spend 2.5hrs learning how your camera works and how to use it to take amazing Colourful photographs

  • Enjoy learning from home via Online Live Webinars with a professional photography tutor


“I just wanted to thank you for the inspiring afternoon that Milly spent with you yesterday. She had the most fantastic time and couldn’t wait to share what you had taught her. She is looking forward to coming on another course and trying out some of the settings and techniques you have shown her" - Rachel

“Before taking this course I didn’t really know anything and now I’ve learnt about all the settings like shutter speeds” – Kerry

“Toby got a huge amount of the course last week.  He spent the weekend in the New Forest and took lots of awesome shots!  So thanks you for last week and the inspiration" - Sara

"Eva really enjoyed the course - she has learnt so much, got inspiration and gained confidence in her photography.” –Paula

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